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Check out the NEW drill lines from Precision Cutting Tools, Inc!

Click images for more information on each tool line.


Our new FXC Series was engineered exclusively for Aluminum and short-chipping materials like Gray Cast Iron. Its unique geometry includes straight flutes, a 130° point and a total offour-margins; features that allow for maximum precision and an excellent surface finish. Furthermore, our FXC Series comes with internal coolant holes and ZircoPlus® coating, for efficient chip evacuation and a longer tool life.


IXC LOGOThe IXC Series (Solid Carbide Drills) are engineered for cast and ductile iron applications. The IXC is designed with a 45° protective corner chamfer and coolant holes, to eliminate chipping on the cutting edge and permit efficient chip evacuation.In addition, the IXC Series has a distinctive triple-margin, for advanced precision and a smooth finish on the part. Furthermore, thetools are coated with Varianta® Supral, to help achieve increased speeds/feeds and longer tool life.


NXC LOGOPrecision Cutting Tools, Inc. has engineered the NXC Series (Solid Carbide Drills), specifically for nickel-based applications. The drills feature double-margin geometry, coolant holes and a slow helix, to provide you with advanced chip evacuation and a stronger cutting edge. In addition, the drills include a 45° protective corner chamfer, for increased cutting edge protection and longer tool life. Furthermore, the NXC Series is coated with SisNa®, for increased wear resistance in high-speed drilling operations.

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