CIMtek LLC Sales Territory

The CIMTEK’s primary territory coverage will include the majority of the eastern half of the continental United States. Scott Shippell, will focus his time in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Western Michigan. William Hoffman will cover Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Western Pennslyvania and Indiana.  This leaves only a portion of the Mid Atlantic region and New England as unsupported in Phase I.

However, the overall approach of CIMtek LLC is unique in the sense that, with some principals, CIMTEK will represent these companies as the “exclusive” representative for the entire U.S. market. The employees of CIMtek LLC all live centrally located in the territories that they are responsible for.

CIMtek’s goal is for an expansion to include support for the Rocky Mountains, the West Coast, the South Central, and the New England markets, thus providing the U.S. with the largest, highly technical, manufacturer’s representative firm in North America.