CIMtek “Market Specific” Strategy

In a struggling economy, and a shrinking market like we have today, it is imperative for manufacturers’ reps along with their supplier partners and distributor partners to focus on the “hot” markets in order to grow their business. In today’s machining industry, very few markets are “hot”, but some of those that are “warm” are the Aerospace & Defense market, the Medical/Orthopedic market, the Small Arms market, and to a lesser degree the rapidly rebounding Mold & Die industry.

These markets all share one thing in common; the materials being machined are not typically Aluminum or Low Carbon Steel, instead they are Titanium and Nickel Alloys, Composites, and Heat Treated Tool steels. All of these materials are very difficult on cutting tools and require the kind of experience that the staff of CIMTEK brings in order to cost effectively machine them.

At CIMtek LLC, we not only focus on these markets and difficult to machine materials, we “specialize” in them.

With our teams’ combined 100+ years of experience “at the spindle”, we have seen it all. Whether we are Thread Whirling on a Titanium Bone Screw, or Gear Gashing a 3 meter Gear for the mining industry, we have done it, we have the suppliers to support it, and we can help your company manufacturer your components with the lowest possible “cost per unit”