CIMtek’s Marketing Strategy

Part of the unique focus of CIMTEK LLC is our concentration on the Machine Tool Builders and Machine Tool Distributors. When it comes to offering a manufacturer “true“ sales growth, the OEM market must be a significant part of this, despite the weak Machine Tool market at this time.

Our years of experience in the Midwest market has led to tremendous relationships with a number of builders and distributors including companies such as Mori Seiki, Mazak, Ellison, Hermle, DMG, Toyoda, Makino, MAG, Heller, Grob etc.  These relationships, combined with a well-structured, complete product assortment positions CIMTEK LLC to challenge the likes of Kennametal and Sandvik for turnkey tool packages leading to rapid growth for all manufacturers involved.

With more than 100+ years of combined metal cutting experience, we have established some outstanding distributor relationships with some of the largest distributors in the United States. This in itself will reduce the time necessary to see significant growth in the markets we serve. As stated above, margin and loyalty are the two key things that drive distribution in this country. We at CIMTEK LLC believe that the way to grow business in distribution is to carefully choose distributors that share the philosophies of technical sales and rewarding loyalty. Additionally, by limiting the number of distributor partners, we can provide first class service to those that remain which in turn leads to an increase in business opportunities.

One of the other keys to our success will be our ability and willingness to sell directly to end-users at all levels. With countless years of experience in the cutting tool industries, we are comfortable selling to an operator or putting on a presentation to Senior Management of a major customer. Too many manufacturers’ representative firms wait for distribution to feed them opportunities, rather than going out and proactively generating it themselves. CIMTEK LLC’s philosophy is that if you do not know your customer intimately; you do not control your business. By controlling all aspects of your business, long consistent sales growth can be achieved.

As also stated above, the CIMTEK team understands how to sell “high-end” products for value. Our product offering features suppliers that are world renowned for quality and performance, and must be sold that way.  Our combined sales skills and detailed understanding of machining economics and the importance of test reports and cost justification allow us to justify high quality tooling solutions where other manufacturer’s reps may struggle.