CIMtek’s “Value-Added” Capabilities

As a cutting tool manufacturer, how your company is perceived in the market is highly critical. The success of your product in the market can be directly related to quality of those that represent you in today’s highly competitive market. A weak, incapable manufacturers’ rep firm with a poor reputation can be a death knell for your company. On the contrary, a rep firm with polished, technically sound representatives that is capable of commanding a distributor’s sales meeting is invaluable. At CIMTEK LLC, we bring not only that polish and professionalism to your company and your distributors, but also a reputation in the industry that you can be proud of.

As a partner of CIMTEK LLC, we do more than just help you to grow your sales, we BUILD YOUR Brand. For those partners WITHOUT the brand name and company image, CIMTEK LLC will help you to establish a “foothold” in the North American market by introducing your capabilities to the “best” of North American distribution, as well as directly to some of the largest manufacturers in the North American market.

In addition to sales and support of your product, the CIMTEK team is also well connected to a number of marketing firms and key industry trade magazines that allow your company to get the necessary exposure to get your company “off the ground” in the North American Cutting Tool and Abrasives Market. Additionally, as our CIMTEK team has had numerous technical articles published in some of North America’s most popular industry publications, we can help to advise you on how to market your company in North America’s largest industry journals in order to maximize your company’s exposure and generate interest and potential sales opportunities in one of the largest machining markets in the world.

As former manufacturers, we at CIMTEK LLC understand what frustrates you most with traditional Manufacturers’ Reps and Distribution. The fact that they are generating revenue, in some cases a lot of revenue, from your products without contributing anything in return. At CIMTEK LLC, we do not take your products for granted, and understand that the more we put your company’s name and products in from of end users and quality distributors, the more opportunities to grow your business we have.

In addition, as we understand how to sell for value, we have also developed our own series of interactive Cost Justification forms (see resources), including our unique Process Analysis Summary (see resources). This unique form allows us to analyze a customer’s complete process to determine where the largest potential cost savings opportunities lie.

In order to keep your products in front of potential customers and distributors, we have developed “in-house” our CIMTEK Product News. This is a quarterly e-newsletter that will be sent each quarter to the Inside and Outside Sales personnel of all of our Distributor partners, as well as our list of end users. These are just a few of the “value-added” capabilities that our business partners enjoy. Ask yourself how many of your company’s representatives provide you with these unique capabilities.

Finally, one of the other unique qualities of the team at CIMTEK LLC is our access to key market and customer data, and our ability to know how to use it. For example, let’s say that your company focuses on the Swiss CNC market, and more specifically those in the Medical or Orthopedic market. CIMTEK LLC possesses all of the UCC filings for any new machine tools purchased since 1994. In addition to that, we also have the complete list of every Medical Manufacturer in the United States. As a Manufacturer, ask yourself how many of your manufacturers reps go to your distributors with a complete list of “pre-qualified” target customers that fit your products strengths? CIMTEK LLC does.